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Breeding For Success Poultry Chickens – Grant Brereton Free UK Delivery


Breeding For Success – Grant Brereton

The book is 160 pages long, and packed with information on breeding, rearing, selecting and faults to look out for. There are chapters about getting ready for shows, selecting the best bird(s) from your team, the art of showing, and knowing what the judges are looking for.

Grant Brereton has done it again, with a fantastic new book for the Gold Cockerel series, ‘Breeding for Success’. This book is about breeding chickens,
selecting and showing miniatures, bantams and large fowl.
(The difference between miniatures and bantams, is that bantams have no
large fowl counterparts, like Sebrights or Rosecombs, for example.)

Pages 160
Code: B0118
ISBN 9780947870584

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